Mark your calendars: The Skyscraper Museum will launch a new exhibit in January of next year, highlighting new sustainable skyscrapers. Entitled “Green Towers in New York: from Visionary to Vernacular,” the exhibit will examine both well known buildings such as the New York Times Tower as well as lower profile residential and mixed-use towers which have been designed to meet high standards of green-building.

The show will focus on how the local surroundings and culture of New York City have created a particular environment which is accomodating to sustainable building, as well as one which continues to strive for progress.

On display will be architectural models, renderings and graphics, and material samples of various completed and under construction buildings. Additionally, there will be referential material comparing previous techonologies of building components- cladding, heating, cooling, plumbing- and how they have developed into contributing factors for sustainability.

+ The Skyscraper Museum

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