Anyone who works in Los Angeles is familiar with the ubiquitous “roach coach” – mobile kitchens on wheels that roll up for breakfast or lunch to serve up everything from burgers to burritos. Well Angelenos, commence rejoicing! Green Truck, the brainchild of Kam Miceli and Mitchell Collier, now brings us a green, gourmet, on-the-go alternative.

The innovative café and catering service on wheels launched in 2006 and now has a fleet of two state-of-the-art converted diesel engine trucks that run on the very veggie oil that cooks up their amazing breakfast burritos (on sprouted tortillas) and monster “Mother Trucker” vegan burgers. The two kitchens or commissaries that supply the trucks with farm fresh fare run off of on-site solar power generated by photovoltaic arrays on the roof.

From the ingredients (which are all organic and local) to the fuel that drives their trucks to the energy that heats up their kitchens, this innovative company is applying smart green design to revolutionize the way we eat on the go. If you’d like to catch “Mother Trucker” or “Woosah,” check out the handy gps tracker on their website. Green Truck is also available for private events + catering gigs.

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