Solid Waves is a recent competition-winning design for a mixed-use housing development in Astana, Kazahkistan. The three tower development features plenty of southern exposure with lots of green open space for residents plus commercial and public infrastructure. Designed by Italy-based Stefano Boeri Architects and spotted over at Designboom, the complex is wrapped in a leafy green facade that insulates the interior spaces while absorbing rainwater runoff and freshening the urban atmosphere.

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Stefano Boeri Architects designed Solid Waves for an international competition organized by the Astana Department of Architecture and Urban Planning. It aims to create a contemporary residential neighborhood with affordable housing and services to restructure a run-down area next to the city center.

The proposal is composed of three thin towers on the north side of the site, which bend horizontally at the ground level to form a series of low-rise residences and sheltered courtyards. The layout provides optimum solar access to all the residences in the complex without casting a shadow on the flat plane, yet still designates the towers as a prominent landscape.

Green spaces and courtyards featured throughout the flat plane encourage residents to mingle and enjoy outdoor space, providing a place for the community. Commercial zones are located on the edges of the complex near the streets to give the public easy access to their storefronts, while the residences are more privately located in the center and in the tower.

Via Designboom