Architects Agnieskzka Preibisz and Peter Sandhaus just unveiled plans for a spectacular figure 8-shaped residential tower for the eastern quarter of Berlin. Sited at Alexanderplatz, a large public square near the center of the city, Green8 is a “vertical garden city” that’s designed to provide both healthy food and a community environment. In essence, they are proposing to construct not only a building, but a sustainable urban environment for the 21st century city dweller.

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The main priorities shared by Sandhaus and Preibisz were creating a viable alternative to industrial food production, and fostering a strong sense of community; something that often falls by the wayside in an urban setting where most people live autonomously, and rarely interact with even their closest neighbors. The tower’s design would house a network of food-producing gardens within the hollows  of the figure 8, with residential quarters on either side. Residents would be able to walk through the garden spaces and interact with others, and there would also be care facilities for small children and seniors, as well as a fitness center.

Sandhaus mentioned that there has not yet been confirmation whether the structure will ever be built, but if it is, ownership will be cooperative, which would eliminate any possibility of land speculation or profiteering by developers. The two architects are currently in discussion with engineers about the tower’s future.

+ Agnieszka Preibisz

+ Peter Sandhaus

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