The very idea of a paper wine bottle may seem ludicrous to many and sacrilege to wine lovers, but this is exactly what British company Greenbottle is developing in order to produce an alternative, more sustainable wine bottle for ethnically minded shoppers. The idea behind the paper wine bottle is simple. The UK is running out of landfill space. Within seven years, the country is expected to have nowhere else to place refuse, so Greenbottle is creating packaging that is biodegradable as well as being cheaper to produce.

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Greenbottle is already responsible for creating the paper milk bottle which has proven a big success during a trial period in south west England, so the paper wine bottle is the next logical step. In fact supermarket chain Asda, which is owned by Walmart, have shown interest in the product and have stated that customers will see in on shelves as early as next year.

Greenbottle hopes that in addition to replacing glass bottles, the paper bottle will help replace the 15 million plastic bottles that ended up in the UK’s landfills and take 500 years to decompose. Compared to a 500g glass bottle, the paper bottle weighs just 55g, thus reducing transport costs and production emissions. In fact, its carbon footprint is 10 percent that of a glass bottle and instead of having to be recycled, the paper alternative fully decomposes in a matter of weeks.

The idea was developed by Martin Myerscough, who established his company after talking to a waste tip supervisor who told him plastic bottles were the biggest problem in his job. He says that while his wine bottle is made from paper, he didn’t wish to change the shape and completely alienate the world’s drinkers.

“We can be more radical, but we are inventing a concept here and we don’t want people to be too scared about it. If we are going to change consumer habits, we need to lead them along gently,” he stated to The Guardian.

The paper bottle works in a similiar way to wine boxes which hold the wine in a bag. The company’s plant which is based in Turkey (but plans to open a second in Cornwall) produces 50 milk bottles a minute. However, while milk bottles have been a success, Myerscough is very aware that the wine drinking market is much more discerning.

So lets throw the idea to  the wine lovers out there – would the idea of your claret coming out of a paper bottle concern you?

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via The Guardian