The Greener Gadgets Conference made for an exciting end to the week yesterday, and as you know, Inhabitat live-blogged the whole thing HERE >. The conference was a chance for gadget geeks and electronic companies alike to think about the role of gadgets in our lives and how we can engage in more sustainable solutions for the future. Topics of discussion ranged from personal responsibility for energy consumption to how companies can track their carbon footprint to the role of sustainable design in improving people’s lives. We hope you joined us for our live blogging yesterday, but if you missed it– you can still read it here! The event certainly provided much to think about and we are happy to report that there has been plenty of buzz around the interwebs:

Grist contemplates keynote speaker’s, Saul Griffith, use of the phrase Planet f&%#ers >

PC World put together a slide-show about the Greener Gadgets Design Competition >

CNET reports that gadgets need a green design revolution >

Dwell blogged the Greener Gadgets Design Competition, with an analysis of the top four finalist designs >

Ecogeek summarizes Saul Griffith’s calculation of how many watts he used in his life and how you can find your own.

Zdnet wonders are the terms green and gadget mutually exclusive?