Calling all designers, inventors, and green gadget geeks!

The 2009 Greener Gadgets Conference is shaping up to be an incredible event, and we’re excited to announce the details of next year’s Greener Gadgets Design Competition! Hosted by Core77 and Inhabitat, the Greener Gadgets Design Competition will award $5000 of cash prizes to extraordinary designs for green gadgets that offer innovative solutions to the issues of energy, materials, product lifecycle, recycling, and social development. Designers are encouraged to consider their design’s product ecosystem, and may focus upon a particular context, material, device, or area of human enterprise. Want to enter? (You know you do..)


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Now in its second year running, the Greener Gadgets Design Competition is one of the most exciting aspects of the conference. Last year’s event showcased some incredible winning projects from around the world, and we can’t wait to see what you cook up this year.

The top 50 entries will be published on the web for a round of voting and commenting, and then three winning projects will be selected for a grand prize of $3,000, a second place prize of $1000, and a third place price of $1,000. All of the winners will also be showcased on Core77, Greener Gadgets,, and Inhabitat.

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