If you’ve been keeping up with Inhabitat, hopefully by now you have read about the Greener Gadgets Design Competition and the fast approaching Greener Gadgets Conference on February 1st in NYC. If you are interested in environmental issues within consumer electronic product design, don’t miss your chance to enter the competition or attend the event. The deadlines for both are quickly approaching, so if you want to attend or apply, get on it now!


The first-of-its kind Greener Gadgets Conference will feature groundbreaking presentations from Natalie Jeremijenko, Mary Lou Jepsen of One Laptop Per Child, environmental artist Chris Jordan, as well as panel discussions on electronics recycling programs and emerging renewable energy sources for cell phones and laptops (such as kinetic energy), finishing up with a live, on-stage presentation and audience judging of the Greener Gadgets Design Competition with Core77’s Allan Chochinov and a clap-o-meter. The event is less than two weeks away and tickets are selling quickly, so we encourage you to purchase tickets sooner rather than later if you want to attend. To encourage early registration, we want to offer a special discount for Inhabitat readers for the next seven days: simply type ‘Inhabitat20’ into the coupon field and you will get 20% off your ticket price.

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And if you are a designer with ideas up your sleeve, be sure to enter the Greener Gadgets Design Competition before the deadline of January 27th. The competition will be giving away $4500 in cash prizes to the smartest greener gadgets designs, and your work will be displayed at the conference in front of hundreds of journalists from publications ranging from BusinessWeek to CNET to Wired, as well as reps from companies like Philips, Sony, HP & Nokia. It’s a great opportunity to get your brilliant ideas out there to the people who matter, and you could win some cold hard cash in the process — so what have you got to lose?



Greener Gadgets Conference – February 1st in NYC

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For information about exhibiting, attending, or sponsoring the Greener Gadgets
Conference, please contact:

Marc Alt
Co-Chair, Greener Gadgets Conference
(917) 621-6501
(917) 207-5387
[email protected]

Press inquiries:
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