It’s not always easy to know just which materials are best to use, but 2:PM Architectures has bypassed that frustration by designing a housing complex made entirely out of reclaimed and recycled materials. While FSC-certified timber may be considered one viable alternative, 2:PM believes that overusing even the friendliest construction material can exact an environmental price. As a result, they turned instead to locally-sourced steel when designing this 11-unit apartment building for Turquant in France.

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Oriented to the north and built around the side of a slope (instead of razing the entire hill), this complex is actually relatively easy to build. Most of the steel, which will be 100% reclaimed and recycled, will be sourced locally, driving down the project’s overall carbon footprint.

Should the housing complex eventually become obsolete, the building components can still be reused even though the steel will have to be treated. The project, which will cost 750,000 euros to build, is still in its early days, but we’re looking forward to seeing how it develops.

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