Greenpeace just released their fifth annual Cool IT Leaderboard, which rates huge IT companies for their green initiatives – and this year Google pulled ahead of the pack. The internet giant got the most cred for its green policy initiatives, but it was no slacker in sourcing renewable energy or developing innovative eco-solutions (the other two criteria for topping the leaderboard). Cisco came in a close second with Ericsson and Fujitsu following right behind. The Cool IT Leaderboard was established to show which IT companies are putting in the most effort to help stall climate change – as the IT industry grows and new servers suck up even more energy, the fight to keep the industry sustainable is becoming more and more critical.

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“Technology giants have a real opportunity to use their power and influence to change how we produce and use energy – Google tops the table because it’s putting its money where its mouth is by pumping investment into renewable energy”, said Greenpeace International IT analyst Gary Cook. “The IT sector might like to consider itself forward-thinking, but it is keeping far too quiet while the dirty energy industry continues to exert undue influence on both the political process and financial markets”. Greenpeace seems to be pushing the IT companies on its list to get involved in the politics and policy that the environmental organization believes will get the IT industry as a whole to be greener.

As Greenpeace representatives noted, the carbon neutral Google is definitely putting its money where its mouth is by funding research into poo power and geothermal energy, helping to get solar power for homes and wind power on the East Coast of the United States, building green offices for its employees and buying green cars. Facebook and Apple were not included on this year’s leader board because their current company policies don’t meet Greenpeace’s requirements, however Facebook recently updated its policy and is expecting to be included in next year’s Cool IT fight.

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