Photoclima, a new photography book project produced by Greenpeace Spain, is a call to action for countries globally to examine and address the impact of global warming and climate change both locally and internationally. Photoclima features the eye-opening photographs of Pedro Armestre and Mario Gómez as a means to highlight the varied topography and rich landscape of Spain’s agricultural, coastal resort, and national park ecosystems. The beauty of the book’s images is subverted by a series of before and after photomontage shots of regions that might be impacted by catastrophic environmental alterations.

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Greenpeace hopes to spur Spain and other industrial nations into action with the publication, which also uses statistics from the UN panel on climate change and visually examines the potential of reduced crop yields, parched waterways, coastal flooding, land loss, salination of ground water, forest fires, and glacial retreat.

Greenpeace’s director in Spain, Juan López de Uralde, said the intention of the book was not to use “scientific rigour” but to “create alarm and a call to action” via visuals. Europe projects an average rise in its sea levels of up to .9 meters by 2100. Photoclima features one of Europe’s premier destinations to dramatize the landscape of the future and the subsequent shape-shifting dilemmas of global proportions.

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