The folks at Greenworks are best known for livening interior spaces with their living plant walls. But if an entire wall covered in vegetation is not viable in your space, the company now offers smaller options to fit your individual needs! These cute and compact hanging green screens are the perfect way to perk up your pad with spectacular plants.

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The hanging green screen is perfect for small or narrow areas, such as above a desk or in a narrow hallway. Each frame contains 35 plants, affixed in felt pockets and the system is completely self-sufficient and self-watering with a water tank and electric pump on a timer. The system can even be placed in a dark corner, as the unit includes a plant light!

The mobile plant wall functions great as a fresh air room divider, or a way to spruce up a corner or public space. They are also self-watering, with a 70-liter water tank. Greenworks provides optional maintenance and replanting of plants for both plant walls and mobile plant walls.

Both the greenscreens and mobile plant walls help keep offices calm and quiet, by acting as sound absorbers. They also function as natural air filters, while also adding a green aesthetic to any room.

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