Designed from two very different and contrasting materials, ORIGIN is a two-part pendant lamp made from natural wood and partially recycled Corian®. Its creator is furniture and product designer Gregg Parsell, a recent graduate from Nottingham Trent University in England. Strolling through this year’s New Designers exhibition in London, Inhabitat spotted this contemporary luminaire, which boasts both an eco-friendly origin and a sleek, modern look.

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Handmade from thermoformed Glacier White Corian® and hardwood American Black walnut, the ORIGIN pendant light hangs light and elegant. Its two contrasting materials can easily be taken apart, and once the product reaches its end of life it can be recycled separately, keeping its environmental impact as low. Inspired by the shapes of seedpods, designer Gregg Parsell told Inhabitat how his luminaire hangs as a symbol for the beginning of life and the flow of nature.

ORIGIN was awarded with a second place at the Student Lighting Awards 2011, organized by the Lighting Association.

+ Gregg Parsell

Photo © Gregg Parsell