Groopti – the website that combines crowdsourcing with bespoke manufacturing – just unveiled its latest cardboard creation, this time from designer Svetlana Kozhenova. Simply called “ECO” this modular set can be used to create tables, chairs, benches, or lounges with slim slots for storing magazines or books. These crevices give ECO blocks the appearance of a perfectly geometric fractured rock, but with the added green benefit of being crafted entirely from recycled cardboard!

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ECO was selected for production because design aficionado (like you!) voted on the Groopti website to have the concept manufactured. Groopti selects designs for production based on both design contests and open submission calls, and the ideas with the most votes get produced. The designers also get a nice royalty from each piece sold!

We love that Svetlana Kozhenova’s ECO furnishings can be arranged to have multiple uses. Put two together with colorful books to created a tall table for cocktail parties, or make a low lounge chair for relaxing to read Inhabitat’s latest posts in your ipad (which you can also store in the slots)!

Groopti works directly with all of their designers to develop their concepts into refined, manufacturable pieces. For the ECO table and chair, Groopti kept Kozhenova’s design intent, but tweaked the dimensions to make sure that the seating was optimal for ergonomics. Each sheet of cardboard is cut using automated, precision machines, to ensure consistency. The layered board provides superior strength and stability. Working closely with factories that specialize in low-volume, high-quality production, Groopti creates each piece to order, so that there is never any stock or waste. The ECO table and chair can be custom-made in any color using energy-efficient and VOC-free UV printing.

Prague-based Kozhenova is an artist, designer, and architect. Throughout her career, she has focused on reuse of materials such as circuit boards.

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