If you are a scientist, designer, filmmaker, or any kind of environmentally-conscious creative person who is tired of zipped-up and dull sustainability science, then Earth 2 Hub might be the solution you’ve been looking for. A groundbreaking digital media platform conceived by some of the brightest, most forward-thinking people on the planet, Earth 2 Hub encourages the discussion and implementation of cutting-edge scientific and technological innovation by engaging with the global community through social media, cloud technologies, and smart technology. No idea is too far-reaching as long as it is grounded in the highest standards. The time to envision bold solutions to our environmental woes is now, and Earth 2 Hub is leading the way with thousands of fans around the world. Hit the jump to for a peek at the Earth 2.0 Initialization video to get a better sense of what these folks are working to achieve.

After a series of evolutions since the idea was first conceived in 2009, the recently unveiled Earth 2 Hub is slowly gaining ground with several exciting developments on the way, including apps and games that will allow participants to experiment with their ideas to various sustainability issues. And their philosophy? Think big, think tall, think wide, and do it with heart. The universe is the limit.

Although primarily a digital platform that enables the greatest number of people to be reached throughout the planet, champions and founders of Earth 2.0, the overarching brand within which the E2 hub is couched, are constantly attending real-world conferences such as the upcoming April 19,2012 AVATAR event at the University of Greenwich called Future Cities, which will address the issue of unplanned mega-cities popping up all over our planet, and the Sustainable 2050 Conference due to be held on April 26, 2012 in London, which will also feed into the Rio +20 conference in June.

The World Wide Web and more recently social media have made global collaboration possible on a scale we could never before have imagined; the Earth 2 Hub intends to take that to the next level.

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