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David Vandervort was keen to create a happy marriage between the relative urbanity of Issaquah and a sense of privacy for the residents living at zHome. The entire complex is organized around a central solar courtyard that encourages socializing, although it is easy enough for residents to choose not to engage if they prefer, and cars are relegated to the periphery. Preference is given to electric vehicles, for which charging stations have been provided.

There are enough solar panels to power all of the homes, and ground pumps provide heat and hot water. These facilities, along with recycling, waste management, composting, and even a garden are all shared among the residents. Thermal massing and passive design further contribute to the overall energy efficiency. Each unit has a deck and are all naturally lit and ventilated. David Vandervort has definitely set the bar high for future communities hoping to achieve the kind of sustainability enjoyed in Issaquah!

+ David Vandervort

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