This brand new, luxurious residence in Noe Valley, San Francisco replaces an inefficient 800 sq ft shack on Hoffman Avenue. Designed and built by SF–based Group 41, the ‘H House’ is a model of both modern architecture and sustainable building for the neighborhood–and it’s currently on the market.

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Demolition permits are rarely given out in this area, so architects often must be very creative with their renovations. This lucky lot, though, came with a permit to start fresh, which meant increased efficiency and sustainability features, like a tighter envelope, stronger foundation, and more integrated design, could be easily incorporated. The 4-bedroom home is an unassuming modern box from the front, but once inside is impressive, spacious and makes the best of its narrow, down-sloping lot.

When the original shack was torn down, Group 41 was very responsible about their waste. They implemented a recycling program during the demolition and construction phases, which minimized waste sent to the landfill. They were also careful with their site work and did not require that any soil was hauled off or added to the site.

As far as green features, the home incorporates thoughtful sustainable design elements. For instance, the beautiful flooring and cabinetry are made from pressed timber scraps and recycled sawdust. Up to 20% fly ash was used in the concrete mix. Efficiency was also a high priority. The home boasts a 97% energy-efficient HVAC system with radiant floor heating, as well as LED lighting, and an on-demand hot water system. Solar panels could be easily added by the new owners, as the house is solar system ready with conduits and a roof membrane already built in. This home exudes sustainable and luxurious design.

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