Last weekend at BKLYN Designs 2010 we discovered a booth full of amazing wall-coverings by designer Katie Deedy from Grow House Grow. Each paper in Deedy’s newest collection, Naturalist, tells a superb story about unique female scientist in history.  All of her prints share strong narratives, are extremely creative and completely environmentally responsible. Deedy reuses all of her leftover ink, uses paper from certified trees and makes sure that all the manufacturing is done in an energy efficient manner. Did we mention how cool they look too?

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Each design in Deedy’s Naturalist collection exhibited at BKLYN Designs is titled after a historic female scientist.  The designs represent the contributions these women gave to the scientific community. Each story is so unique and once you’ve read the details – the prints really do come to life.  All the bios in the Naturalist collection are available on the Grow House Grow website.

Grow House Grow hand silkscreens all of their patterns with care on clay-coated paper.  All leftover inks from the printing process are salvaged and reused–nothing is wasted or washed down the drains. Papers are manufactured with responsibly-sourced fiber, are chlorine free, and all suppliers adhere to one of the globally recognized forestry or chain of custody programs. Their paper supplier creates approximately 50% of its electricity via low-impact hydroelectric generators. On top of all that, 100% of the mill’s short paper fiber is reclaimed and used in the agricultural industry for nutrient rich compost or animal bedding.

All of Deedy’s work is currently available for purchase on the Grow House Grow website.

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