It’s one of those really cool, interesting things when people grow their own food. It’s super healthy and it’s pretty smart, now that lockdowns, violent storms and huge disasters are no longer all that rare. The House of Thol has found a way to make it easy for you to grow your own microgreens at home without soil, using up a lot of space and much hassle.

Microgreens dish out in the sun growing

House of Thol has created the Patella Crescenda to reduce food waste, unnecessary transportation and plastic packaging. Fill up the reservoir with water once per cycle to enjoy fresh, hygienically grown greens. You grow only what you need and you grow it all on your own in an environment that you control.

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Seeds being put into the dish

Microgreens look like classic sprouts. They have a pretty color and make a lovely garnish. But don’t overlook these little greens. They can be harvested as soon as the leaves start to sprout and they’re packed with vitamins. You can also eat them raw when they’re harvested. And when you grow them with this kit, you can grow them year-round.

The planter on a table with nearby food

There are several different varieties of microgreens that have different tastes and contain different vitamins. You can add them to salads, wraps, sandwiches or anything you want.

Patella Crescenda on a black countertop

The Patella Crescenda growing dish is easy to use. Set down the terracotta base in the center of the dish and then add the growth disks. Fill with water and place the seeds right on the stainless steel growth disks. It’s a very small, compact system that takes up very little space and yet provides a constant source of fresh food.

Someone holding the microgreens planter

There are more than 25 different types of microgreens and have vitamins like C, E and K, along with beta-carotene. For their size, microgreens pack a wallop of vitamins into every little bite. You can grow many types of microgreens in a week, two weeks at the most, and they are low maintenance. They’re also pretty, adding a nice pop of green to any space they are in.

With this kit, it’s easy to try it yourself and add fresh food to everything you eat. The Patella Crescenda is 114% funded on Kickstarter, but you’re still able to back it here.

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Images via House of Thol