Its grass lounger day at Inhabitat! Before summer completely fades from our memories, we thought we’d reminisce over some green grassy outdoor furniture to catch the fading rays of summer. Emily Pilloton, who designed the insanely creative Human Nest, also has a prototype grass chaise lounge called the Grow Chaise. With a stainless steel frame and sod cushion making up this chia-pet furniture, the grass part of the chaise yours to grow and maintain. Care for your furniture, and it will care for you!

As you can see from the renderings the Grow Chaise is currently a concept and Emily’s looking for a fabricator/manufacturer for this fabulous design. Someone should really take her up on it — this is a million dollar idea. Who wouldn’t want a grow-your-own chaise lounge?

+Grow Chaise from Emily Pilloton