Sure it’s better for you and better for the world, but actually growing plants outside is super difficult. You need to have space for the plants and sunlight so they can thrive. That means actually having dirt for planting, digging, fertilizing and all the other stuff that comes along with growing plants. Again, this is super difficult stuff. Or, at least, it was. Now, you can very easily build yourself a Vego Garden.

A garden of planters

These raised garden beds are so outstanding, Vego Garden literally won the Best Raised Bed award at the annual Yardzen Design Awards. And best of all, these raised garden beds make it really easy to start growing your own produce and herbs.

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L-shaped planter

Best of all, you don’t even need soil. These garden beds are designed to be fully self-contained. You don’t have to dig in the dirt or find a patch of ground. They can literally go on top of concrete, if that’s what you have to work with. Vego garden beds are easy to assemble and made of highly durable materials. Use them to start a garden anywhere. As long as you have access to sunlight, you have what you need to grow your own food. 

Planter with edible plants within it

The raised beds are made with proprietary materials and they are completely non-toxic. The beds are modular, so you can design your garden to look any way you want and then change the design any time you want. Everything is designed with smooth edges, rounded corners and rounded cap nuts.

Planters in a garden

This protects people and animals from sharp edges and dangers. Moreover, there are multiple sizes and colors of these beds available, along with little add-ons that can really make a garden look complete. You can throw in some trellises to go with your beds.

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Images via Vego Garden