Sprouts and edible grasses are very rich in nutrients, but anyone who has ended up with mush instead of tasty green knows that growing them at home can be tedious. Fresh wheatgrass, micro-greens, and sprouts are amazing foods, because they have a high concentration of proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, bio-flavonoids, t-cells and other nutrients. The Freshlife sprouter makes it easy to grow them indoors with automatic hydroponic watering and a stacking tier system that let you fit more into a small space.

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The Freshlife system makes watering really convenient  with a built-in sprinkler system that sprays water and supplies air onto the seeds. To start the growing process, the lower barrel is filled with water and seeds are laid on the tray in the barrel above. Plug in the system and in four to seven days the spouts will be ready to harvest.

The Freshlife sprouter can also be easily expanded by added additional barrels. Users can grow twice the sprouts in the same space on your counter.

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