It’s not every day that you get to watch your garden grow while wearing some fashion-forward digit bling. The Growing Jewelry collection by hip Icelandic product designer Hafsteinn Juliusson is ideal for green thumbs who not only care about the environment but also want to spread some eco-love by sporting tuffets of moss as jewelry. We have been waiting for an upgrade on the Chia Pet for years now, and with Juliusson’s sleek handcrafted collection there is finally an alternative to micro gardening for the design set.

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You might already be a bit fatigued by this year’s fashion mantra ‘Green is the new black’, but with rings and things that trade gold for the sparkle of real Icelandic moss, there is some relief in sight. You know that we love our public moss art here at Inhabitat, and we think real live vegetation that you can nurture and wear is even better. What better message to send when it comes to caring for the environment and properly tending to things at arm’s reach? Growing Jewelry’s hand rings feature inset Icelandic moss that the owner has to lovingly water and trim. One might conclude that the ‘carat’ of the patch depends upon just how shaggy you want to grow it.

I have been aiming to get cracking on a green roof project for years now, but I think that I just might start things off with a ring from Growing Jewelry. My bonsai trees definitely keep me engaged, but I am excited by the prospects of heading out on the town with this knuckle ring gone eco. It’s SO bad and good at the same time – or shall we say ‘rockin’?

The Growing Jewelry collection is available at the Reykjavik Art Museum where it lives on sand beds under growing lamps.

+ Growing Jewelry by Hafsteinn Juliusson