Last week London-based GrowUp unveiled their small urban farm, which produces sustainable vegetables and fish through vertical gardening and aquaponics. After successfully raising over £16,000 through aKickstarter campaign, the team constructed their GrowUp Box from a reused shipping container that was modified to include a rooftop greenhouse. The project was launched as part of this year’s Chelsea Fringe Festival, an event dedicated to green urban projects – from grassroots community gardens to avant-garde art installations.

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Kate Hofman and Tom Webster, co-founders of GrowUp decided to take an empty car park in central London and transform it into an urban farm built from a specially modified shipping container with a greenhouse on top. The greenhouse will produce vegetables that will get all the necessary nutrients from waste water from fish tanks situated bellow. The nutrients are meant to fertilize the plants and in turn the plants purify the water. With a footprint of only 14 square meters, the GrowUp Box can produce around 60kg of fish and 200kg of salad each year.

The GrowUp Box will be hosted this summer by the Bankside Open Spaces Trust at the Marlborough Playground on Union Street in Southwark and will be open to the public from the end of May.

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