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Finished this year, the façade of the building is a gridwork of alternating red metal and woodenstripes. The metal allows light and fresh air to filter through, and the wood enables privacy while blocking solar gain to the interior.

The building is located between two sloping streets, has apartments on its upper floors, and restaurants and shops have been delegated to the lower congested floors that do not receive as much fresh air. The lower entrance courtyard is planted with fruit trees, whose boughs are accessible to the lower apartments and businesses, thus allowing residents to pick fresh fruit when in season. The lower floors also hold a pool and a large common room for parties.

The apartments themselves contrast with the crowded city. Each has a flexible, open plan that can be adapted to each tenant’s taste. The apartments on the east and west sides feature glass curtain walls to maximize natural lighting, and each unit is centered around a giant inner courtyardwhich spans the entire building. The courtyard is lined with balconies and provides a view of the interior architecture. Lower balconies have been turned into living walls packed with foliage to provide cooling and fresh air to residents.

GRUPO SP’s residential tower provides secure and serene living in the thick of the urban jungle of Sao Paolo.


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