The Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival raises the issue of global warming and our deteriorating natural environment. Curated by world renowned environmental artist Jane Ingram Allen, the festival takes place in Taipei, Taiwan, and features sustainable works by artists from around the world. Each piece reflects an inquiry into some aspect of the environment, and collectively the works present a poignant display set against a stunning backdrop of woodland and marsh landscapes.

An international call for entries brought artists Donald Buglass (below), Roger Tibon (top image), Istvan Eross, Kaoru Motomiya, Firman Djamil, Francois Frechet, Aihua Hsia, Chungho Cheng and Chiaping Liu (above) to Taipei for 12 days in April where the works were built on-site using natural and local materials. The festival opened last month and will run through Sept. 14, 2008 at the Guandu Nature Park in Taipei.

+ Jane Ingram Allen
+ Guandu Nature Park