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The original checkpoint building was upgraded with a new minimalist modern addition. The expansive façade of the new structure is covered with iridescent ceramic tiles. The square pattern changes with the sun’s movement throughout the day, creating a shimmering effect with a variety of subtle shades. The disused historic building was given new life with only slight cosmetic changes to its surface. Large glass curtains connect the historic checkpoint station to the new auditorium, flooding the interiors with natural lighting.

Faced with a tight budget, Cor & Partners were challenged to transform the former buildings into a center that would help define the village’s cultural happenings in the future. The resulting music hall has an auditorium that seats 230 for lectures, concerts, and other performances.

The U shape of the building creates a natural courtyard, which is planted with grass. The project’s next step is to construct an open-air concert area adjacent to the auditorium. This will create an event and performance space for the village to enjoy in warmer months.

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