In the midst of the current global economic crisis, many businesses stand to lose sight of sustainability goals as they focus upon the meeting the bottom line and keeping their staff in employment. However there has never been a more critical time for environmental policy, and the Guardian Climate Change Summit 2009 is a rallying call for businesses to move from environmental awareness to action in these tough economic times. Taking place in on June 15th at London’s Hotel Russell, the conference aims to inspire more businesses to prioritize the environment by showing that meeting the bottom line financially and keeping climate change high on the agenda are far from incompatible.

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The Guardian Climate Change Summit seeks to provide specific solutions for businesses seeking to address climate change and become competitive in these turbulent economic times. Topics at the conference will range from how reducing one’s environmental impact can enhance company performance, to post-Kyoto international policy developments, to the role that India, China, and other big emitters have to play in structuring climate change agreements.

Attendees can also expect an excellent series of in-depth case studies of successful green companies that emphasize actions rather than plans, and a stellar lineup of speakers including Executive director of Friends of the Earth Andy Atkins, Chief Executive of Mars UK Fiona Dawson, and Director of The Ecologist Zac Goldsmith. It’s an incredible opportunity for businesses both big and small to meet like-minded people and strategize together for a more sustainable future.

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