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Guests can imagine their horse hotel room being wheeled into the city of Troy by the Greeks, epically tricking the Trojans during the legendary Trojan war. Appropriate to this tale, the interior have been lifted from a scene from the Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings. Rustic natural wood can be found throughout, making the elevated room seem like a treehouse.

Visitors can feel like a forest nymph in one of the cozy beds which are built into the walls and decorated with wooden hearts, wagon wheels and cave-like mossy walls. Timber poles, branches and tree trunks are repurposed for decorative support beams, adding to the rustic feel, and are often decorated with wooden vines. Even the bathtub is made from wood, complete with a bench.

Cob was used to outfit the rest of the interior, which is made from mud, lime and straw, then hardened. A natural insulator, the cob keeps the room toasty in the winter months and cool in summer. For around $150 a night, guests can indulge in their inner fantasy by living like gnomes do.

+ La Balade des Gnomes Hotel

Via Web Urbanist