If you’ve ever coveted the privacy of your own hotel, head to Brighton’s posh The Harrington. You’ll be left utterly alone, as the hotel only has one room! The clandestine digs are also chock full of opulent upcycled designs – including this LEGO chandelier designed by John Harrington himself!

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The confidential hotel calls itself a “No-tell Hotel,” allowing guests to quietly check in and out. Butlers, chaffeurs and cocktail mixologists can be booked to up the decadent ante, and access to the best shows ad restaurants tell the guests of The Harrington they are of top priority.

The 19th Century building is still clad in historic, rich woodwork, and as guests enter though an indoor garden, they are greeted with a huge chandelier that is made from 300 crystal glasses, all from different time periods. The wooden staircase wraps around the chandelier and leads to the main quarters. Harrington has constructed an incredible chandelier made from black LEGOS for the main room, which echoes the Victorian design seen throughout the hotel. Many antique touches can be found throughout, like the door handles which were acquired from a French chateau, as well as a historic stained glass window that filters light into the cast iron tub. The giant bed is sandwiched by a mahogany piano cut in half. The piano was once loved by Harrington, and the hotel found a new purpose for it as bedside tables. A touch of a button on each piano half commands the motorized mini bars to rise.

Every detail meshes antique touches with creative upcycled design. Vintage tea cups have been transformed into wall sconces, speakers are hidden behind Victorian picture frames, and a silver tea service set is repurposed into coat hangers.

The Harrington was designed for seclusion, comfort, and for those who appreciate historic design and a modern aesthetic. The lucky guests who check-in can expect the privacy of renting a private apartment or a B&B, but be immersed in the opulence of one of the best luxury hotels.

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