Italian artist Guido Daniele creates the most wonderful life-like depictions of animals simply by applying body paint to the hands of his models. A hyper-realist illustrator and trompe l’oeil artist, Daniele developed his own technique several a few years of experimentation with airbrush painting methods. Daniele’s extraordinary art was recently used in an animal conservation campaign by the World Wildlife Fund.

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Initially trained as a sculptor, and currently based in Milan, Daniele spent some time in India and was most likely inspired Mehndi. His colorful life-like images have been used in advertising and commercials, as well as fashion events and exhibitions. With his hands painted and shaped into all manner of creatures, from¬† tigers and crocodiles to toucans, zebras and elephants, Daniele has a significant portfolio of his unusual art work. You can check out some more of Guido Daniele’s wild creations on his website.

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Photo © Guido Daniele

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