It’s back on! Yesterday, we learned (in what now seems more and more like a sad, sad comedy) that an underwater robot bumping into a vent at the Deepwater Horizon site in the Gulf forced BP to remove the cap that’s been containing a portion of the spillage – meaning that oil was gushing out unhindered for hours. Luckily, the latest news this morning is that the cap is finally back on. You can’t make this kind of stuff up…

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Late last night, the crew handling the spill positioned the cap back in place using remote-controlled submarines. The cap had been off for much of the day, allowing up to 104,000 gallons per hour of black oil to gush into the Gulf.

The ship’s logistics coordinator, who asked not to be identified by name, told AP that the oil siphoning system was up and running but that it would take some time for it to “get ramped back up.” Bob Dudley, who was chosen by BP to be the new point man for the crisis said, “It’s a setback, and now we will go back into operation and show how this technology can work.”

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Via Huffington Post