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A former Shell Oil executive told that a solution to cleaning up the Gulf Coast Oil spill is right under BP’s noses. John Hofmeister, the former president of Shell Oil, and Nick Pozzi, a former pipeline engineering and operations project manager say that BP could use their very own supertankers to suck up the spilled oil in the gulf and possibly salvage it for sale down the line. The tactic was proven effective during a Saudi spill in the 90’s — it sucked up 85% of the renegade oil. BP has tankers already sitting in the Gulf of Mexico, so we’re thinking, with their tactics failing left and right, why don’t they get on this already?

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NPR reported today that the spill is most likely gushing 10 times — possibly even 14 times — as much oil as previously thought, which would already put the spill in first place over the Exxon Valdez disaster. Hofmeister and Pozzi have been trying to get in touch with BP executives and persons in the Obama administration to present their genius idea to those in charge of the cleanup. They’ve been repeatedly turned away, and, once, a lawsuit was even threatened. Hofmeister thinks BP is turning a blind eye to their solution because they don’t want to tie up their supertankers in the cleanup efforts.

Using their tankers for cleanup would mean tying up a huge part of their money-making process, not to mention they’d have to unload them of the oil that they’re holding first — which could prove a huge endeavor. It would take some planning to get in motion, but almost assuredly would clean up a vast amount of the oil already spilled across the Gulf. Plus they could deliver the oil to port, separate water out and then process it for sale. So what are they waiting for?

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