Edifício Forluz is an elegant architectural proposal for the Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais (CEMIG) headquarters in Brazil. Designed by Gustavo Penna Arquiteto e Associados and Alexandre Bragança, the 23-floor building was conceived with energy conservation and environmental responsibility in mind – it incorporates natural ventilation, natural resources, and reused materials. Unlike the average skyscraper, this monolithic construction is lined with trees, and open space is created around a proposed vertical prism to allow lovely views of the surrounding city.

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Penna and Bragança’s Forluz project proposes versatility and flexibility and aims to integrate different environments and gathering spaces. But by hosting a range of horizontal and vertical lines, the design also looks to create dynamic perspectives of the urban landscape. The Brazil-based design studio hopes to house both offices and other facilities within the structure to create an innovative use of space that crossed sustainability with business.

+ Gustavo Penna Arquiteto e Associados

Images courtesy of Gustavo Penna Arquiteto e Associados