Gustavo Penna Arquiteto & Associados just completed their design for the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) bus stop in Brazil- a modular metallic structure that blends into the urban landscape. This unique prefab bus stop features glass and perforated plates as enclosures and uses efficient internal ventilation and lighting to create an easily maintained and pleasant space for commuters.

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The station was conceived as a metallic structure which arrives at the site pre-built. This allows for an easy and quick construction process and makes the entire structure easy to maintain. It is covered in ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) thanks to which similar designs can be replicated throughout the city. The structure offers views of the surroundings through its glass facade, enclosed with a metal frame.

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Access is controlled through the use of turnstiles and was specially designed with disabled users and cyclists in mind. This attitude enabled the architects to create a space which promotes integration and matches the urban landscape.

+ Gustavo Penna Arquiteto & Associados