Feel like taking in a film at your favorite theatre but can’t find enough energy to move your caboose from the comfort of your cozy domestic den? Now you don’t have to. Guy Arzi’s bright and fun Rocky Chair, which is made from reclaimed cinema seats, sets the stage for the ultimate home viewing experience by directly channeling popcorn-infused good times at the local movie palace.

A recent graduate of Nottingham Trent University and now based in Derbyshire, Arzi revels in taking discarded items from yesteryear, changing their context and breathing life back into them. The results are smashing – vintage chic coupled with a modern aesthetic sensibility.

Currently making a big splash at the [Re] Design 06 exhibition in London, Arzi’s vibrantly refinished Rocky chairs are stealing the hearts of nostalgic cinema-goers as well as anyone else who just plain appreciates smart, quirky and environmentally sensitive design.

£1,499.99 from Nigel’s Ecostore