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The perforated brick façade may enhance the geometric home’s façade, but they also boast an advantage over regular bricks. Behind the perforated façade sits an air chamber that increases natural ventilation and circulation inside the structure. The perforations also help channel rain, allowing it to naturally drain off the façade and into built-in cavities.

The single story home has three bedrooms, a study, an eat-in kitchen and a living room arranged in thetriangular space. A set of glass French doors line the face, functioning both as windows and as a means to open the interior into the yard. Skylights dot the ceilings, flooding the interior with light and connecting it to the outside. An oddly shaped plot of land borders the home, but also manages to maximize the triangular form.

Inside, the interior takes on an austere and minimalist approach, which is partly meant to accentuate the connection to the outdoors, but the approach can also be attributed to a budget cut of 65% during construction. What results are clean lines, white painted brick walls, and a polished industrial floor. With all doors open, the residents are able to survey each room in the house at once.

The low-cost minimalist building is not only easily constructed, but saves the residents money and energy through passive design strategies.

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