Introducing a hydrogen car that everyone can afford! … if only we could fit inside. Released earlier this year, the H-Racer is the world’s smallest hydrogen car (at 16cm x 7cm) and comes with a little price tag to match. At only $80, it will be hard for both kids and adults to keep their hands off. The best part? The H-Racer comes with its very own solar-powered hydrogen refueling station.

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The H-Racer was developed by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. Founded in 2003, the company’s goal is “to greatly accelerate the global commercialization of clean, hydrogen fuel cell power.” The H-Racerdoes just that, providing a great opportunity to teach young ones (and adults) the advantages of Hydrogen Fuel: it is non-toxic, renewable, clean to use, and the most abundant element in the world. The solar power created Hydrogen fuel sends the H-Racer over 100 meters when given a straightaway. A zero emission vehicle, the H-Racer is a working miniature version of the same technology being developed in life-size cars.

So while the rest of the world is waiting for the world’s leading automotive companies to come out with their hydrogen fuel cell cars, you could own your very own H-Racer and be one of the first on your block to on a hydrogen vehicle.

+ Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies