Gratuitious cute animal alert part deux!

We know you don’t just want to hear about greener gadgets and solar power all day long, so every now and again we hope you don’t mind if we bring you an injection of cute animalage to brighten up your day, as it relates to Inhabitat (ie bamboo or owls). Sure, the New York City Congestion Plan may be DOA, but at least here’s a cute owl story for you to enjoy…

Apparently some sailors recently found this adorable little screech owl hiding out in the cockpit of a fighter jet. Thats not really much of a news story, but we love the Habby-esque photo! See, owls may be cute little critters, but they pack a punch – this little dude apparenly wanted to be a fighter pilot. Take that Inhabipuppy!

+ Sailors rescue screech owl from fighter jet cockpit