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Designed by Habitat Horticulture’s David Brenner, the Foundry Square III’s lush green space spans two living walls. The first wall comprises 1,426 square feet of monochromatic greenery planted with Philodendron cordatum, Geranium cantabrigiense ‘biokovo’ and Asplenium bulbiferum, and serves as a backdrop for white bronze statues. In contrast, the second 1,027-square-foot wall is planted with 23 different plant species and offers greater variation in texture, color, and volume. The plants were specially selected for their ability to extract toxins from the air, such as the Philodendron cordatum’s effectiveness at filtering out formaldehyde and VOC’s.

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Both living walls were created with two layers of geo-textile growing felt made of 100% recycled plastic bottles (PET). Drip irrigation provides water and nutrients to the plants, and the excess water is collected, filtered, and recirculated back into the system. If you’d like to see more of the lush green wall but don’t live near San Francisco, you can always take a closer look at Foundry’s lush living wall in this virtual panoramic tour.

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