Hurricane Sandy has many people thinking about what they would do without power for days on end, particularly when it comes to the need to keep essential items like cell phones charged, ready and available for use. The Eton Corporation understands that challenge and responded with the BoostTurbine: a hand crank cell phone charger that allows you to power your device when electricity is unavailable.

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The BoostTurbine is a tough little back-up power source for almost any smartphone. Made out of aluminum and small enough to fit in a pocket, the charger generates power using a hand crank that folds away when not in use. An LED light indicates the battery charge level and the device has inputs for micro-USB and standard USB cords. The charger comes in a variety of colors and has been co-branded along with the American Red Cross.

According to Eton, the BoostTurbine is meant for daily or emergency use, but given the fact that 30 seconds of phone power – enough for an emergency call or a few texts – requires a minute of cranking, we think it is best reserved for those times when cell phone use is a necessity rather than a luxury. The charger can be pre-ordered for $60 for the color version.

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