Washing dishes by hand can be so tedious and wasteful, so Chen Levin designed a small dishwasher powered by human kinetic energy that can fit in even the smallest of spaces. It is estimated that 75 percent of the global population will live in urban areas by 2050. While this urbanization presents great opportunities, it will be an enormous challenge to ensure that energy and space is distributed efficiently and equitably for who will call the city their home. An aspiring engineer from Israel, Levin’s Circo Independent dishwasher will hopefully help meet the demands of a dense urban future.

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The Circo Independent was designed for small spaces and is intended to serve the needs of those who can’t afford or do not have room for a traditional dishwasher. Levin wants to support those who are currently washing dishes by hand, which can waste valuable time and water. Circo Independent is also well suited for those who are not connected to the electrical grid or water system. The machine is powered by a small hand crank, which circulates the water and detergent within.

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Levin developed Circo Independent as a final project for his degree in industrial and sustainable design. In his presentation, Levin exhibited a prototype of the Circo as well as his design plans and models. The current Circo model is compact, which means that only a few dishes may be washed at one time. However, if Levin continues to develop the machine, it is possible that the design could be adapted for larger loads.

Circo is just one of the wide array of human-powered machines covered by Inhabitat. Engineering students at the University of Warwick have been working on the world’s fastest human-powered submarine, an inventive suburban homeowner has created a “mowercycle”, and rush-hour rage inspired the creation of a pedal-powered car. These designs save energy and money and help users stay in shape. Say it loud and proud: Power from the People.

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Image and video via Chen Levin