Designed as a cornerstone of a new media park in Tianjin, the proposed Bolong 3D Movie Museum & Mediatek overlooks a sprawling park and lake. To maintain direct sight lines and axial relationships between the park and the city, the architects divided the Mediatek programming into two glass-clad buildings. A public plaza that extends out onto the lake occupies the space between the two structures.

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The buildings comprise projection space, 3D exhibition space, an experience zone, cafe, retail, lobby, and exhibition space. Each individual program is housed in “experience spheres” that overlap inside the buildings to create a cloud-like formation and an interesting spatial experience for visitors. “With the proposal for the Bolong Mediatek we wanted to create a building that directly reflects new movie technologies,” says Jens Holm, founder of HAO. “Through interactive surfaces and an expressive, bubbling, interior the building provides an immersive experience as rich as the 3D media it is built for.”

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