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A short drive from the city center of Tianjin in Northern China, the Dongjiang Harbor Master Plan sits on the edge of a peninsula which juts into the harbor. A private, picture-perfect beach is sectioned off from the sea, creating a safe place to swim, sunbathe, and enjoy family fun.

Over 280,000 square meters of residential space was designed for the newly developed coastline, including the sweeping residential towers that seem to undulate like the waves at the beach. The crests and dips of the wave shape range from four stories to twenty stories, with high peaks on the exterior to block traffic noise and pollution. In the center, the buildings meet to form a natural courtyard, with is lined with lush gardens.

Inside, the apartments are staggered to ensure uninterrupted sunlight and balcony space for each unit, giving natural ventilation throughout and keeping artificial climate control to a low. Each unit is encased in glazed glass curtains, making artificial light unnecessary during the day.

The complex will also include 40,000 square meters of mixed-use office space, retail and public spaces. HAO’s plan is a solution for increasing populations, while giving a higher quality of life by connecting the residents to the sea and beach.

+ Holm Architecture Office/HAO