Sure, Halloween is still a few weeks away, but if you’re planning to put up any outdoor decorations, it’s a good idea to start thinking about your options. Waiting until the last minute to dress up your home might result in just a sad, saggy pumpkin lolling around on your front step, and some terrible facial tissue ghosts bobbing around overhead. In addition to carving vegetables like pumpkins and squashes, which are both delicious and compostable, you can check out some of the great eco-friendly decor options out there to make this Halloween the greenest one yet.

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Solar Powered LED Pumpkin

1. Solar-Powered Jack o’Lanterns

There’s a wide variety of Jack o’Lantern items out there, but some of the best and brightest just happen to be solar powered. Not only do these glow with the ethereal awesomeness of clean solar energy, but since they’re reusable, you’ll be able to use them again and againinstead of just discarding them on November 1st.

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2. Skull Lawn Stakes

Speaking of solar power, nothing says “AHHH!!!” quite like these solar-powered skulls on spikes. You’ll be sure to freak out the neighborhood kids if you stick a bunch of these in your lawn.

Halloween, wreath, skulls, skull wreath, Halloween decoration

3. Cruelty-Free Taxidermy

Skulls, skeletons, disembodied heads… they’re all associated with this spook-tacular holiday, but we don’t actually have to harm anything (or anyone!) in order to channel the spirit of the season. Cardboard Safaricreates all kinds of decorative items from recycled cardboard, including Halloween wreaths like this one.

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4. Flame-Free LED Candles

LED candles aren’t really designed specifically for Halloween decor, but we think they’d make great lumieres. They flicker and provide the soft glow of real candles without any of the smoke, short life span, or fire hazards that real candles bring (especially if they’re popped inside carved pumpkins), and would be especially appropriate for lining your patio on a cold autumn night.

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Image by ShellHawk on Flickr Creative Commons

5. Thrift Store Scarecrow

You know what? Scarecrows are terrifying. Prop one on your porch and you’re sure to have at least a few local kids too scared to knock on your door for candy. You can either buy a pre-made scarecrow propthat you can use again in the future, or pop down to the local thrift store for a few inexpensive prop-making supplies. Stuff some used clothes with straw, use a carved pumpkin or a burlap sack for a head, arrange that into an approximate human form, add dead leaves and foliage for effect, and plunk it onto your porch to scare the guts out of your neighbors.

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6. Firefly Garden Lights

Finally, these Firefly Garden lights aren’t really specific to Halloween either, but they are perfect for the fall. Firefly Magic’s lights are programmed to flicker and fade just like real fireflies, and they even come with solar-powered batteries.

If you have any other ideas, please share them with us in the comments section below!