Harm Rensink, Nomadic Sand Bath, pop up space, space for wellness, japanese thermal sand bathing

The Nomadic Sand Bath, Rensink’s latest work, was unveiled during the last Dutch Design Week. It naturally follows his previous installation, a pop-up inflatable spa that we spotted last year at the grand Eindhoven’s event. Mounted in an old empty church, the confined ephemeral space offers festivalgoers a place to unwind and dream away from daily life.

Before entering ‘the new reality’ visitors are asked to leave their belongings aside and dress up in a thin woven cotton suit. A wellness installation, the nomadic sand bathing experience is a ‘space of benefit,’ a cozy private retreat to relax the body and the mind. In a world where many of us are fixed in life structures, modern survival and information overload, we agree that there is a need for spaces where we can step out from our regular environments and regroup.

+ Harm Rensink

Photos by Harm Rensink