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DLX sent Haroshi hundreds of the discarded decks, each of which was donated by a specific DLX sponsored rider, a relationship that Haroshi takes to heart. Believing that each athlete is intrinsically connected to the boards he rides, the artist sought to create individual sculptures that captured the spirit of each individual rider.

The resulting sculptures are ordinary objects in a myriad of colors. An actual sized fire hydrant, complete with nuts and bolts, boldly stands out with the colored patchwork of used boards. Another sculpture is a tattooed arm extending its middle finger- the layers of skateboards still apparent, but polished to a glossy sheen. One rider’s rock and roll spirit is captured with a striped guitar, and another is cut away to reveal a dog’s face in apparent movement, with the edges of the deck radiating from its head. Two other riders are embodied with skate decks, as Haroshi created an intricately carved giant deck and an oversized wheel, which uses the striped edges of its salvaged materials in its design.

Haroshi begins by stripping the used decks of their grip tape, then gluing them in stacks, to create a new foundation to crave from. The layers are then carved away with a jig saw, highly polished, then given new life as his series of rainbow sculptures.

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