JK Rowling has thrilled millions of children around the world with her Harry Potter books, but now the multi-millionaire is treating her own kids to two magical tree-top turrets custom-built by treehouse designer extraordinaire Blue Forest. Rumored to cost around £250,000, the treehouses are so big—each one 40ft in height—that the author has had to seek planning permission from Edinburgh Council.

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Blue Forest, a company based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent are also behind the ever popular Eco-Perch treehouses. Appropriately, the treehouses to be built for JK Rowling resemble turrets from the famous wizarding school Hogwarts; their fantastical appearance will however hide a more luxurious interior.

According to The Scotsman, each treehouse will be equipped with secret tunnels, trap-doors and a spiral staircase, along with a rope bridge to connect the two turrets.

The treehouses will be built in the garden of Rowling’s north Edinburgh home, a property which she bought two years ago. The author, who is estimated to have a fortune of £560 million, has even had to receive planning permission to demolish a £1m, 1970s-style house she bought next door in order to increase the size of her garden. She has also won approval to build a summer house that is said to resemble Hagrid’s stone hut.

The treehouses will feature Harry Potter-specific embellishments—such as owl perches—while a “nature box” will be built into the roof to provide nesting space for birds. A trampoline will also be constructed on a special deck on the approach to the treehouses.

Blue Forest’s managing director, Andy Payne told reporters: “Treehouses have always been a symbol of imagination and creativity.” The company’s basic models start at £20,000, but the firm admits there is no limit to what their clients can request.

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Via The Telegraph/The Scotsman