Have you ever taken a cross-country bike trip and wondered where to keep your camping gear? GoCamp’s GoLo bike has a new solution: a solar RV bike that combines the bike with the camping setup you need on the road. It’s modular, too, so you could take the top off and use it as a gear hauling bike around town.

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A camper bike to transport items behind you

Sound too good to be true? Well, this isn’t a road bike or a mountain bike. It’s semi recumbent, which works for some people and not others. Additionally, it is a great bike for anyone with a small delivery business, because the cargo area has a low loading height. You can even lean the back end of the cargo area on the ground to create a small ramp, and then roll things right onboard.

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An RV bike pushed by a man behind it

What is more, GoLo has a unique cargo bike platform that is versatile as well as practical. They promise comfort while riding because of the linear hybrid drive system. It removes chains and gears and replaces them with a generator at the crank and motors in the rear wheel hubs. This reduces wear and maintenance and provides a smoother ride.

An up-close photo of the front mechanisms of the RV bike

Moreover, the driver seat is made of firm mesh and is adjustable for different drivers. Handlebars are placed under the seat to stay out of the way while getting in and out. The bike has a turning radius of just 2.5 meters and has an air suspension for an easy ride to protect your cargo from bumps.

An up-close details of the mechanisms for the RV bike

With a steel frame and fiberglass reinforced wheels, this should provide a solid ride whether you’re camping or hauling gear. When you’re ready to pop on the top to go camping or haul gear in inclement weather, you have 1400 liters of capacity. The modular nature of the bike also means it can be configured to be a wide or narrow body, stay low or be adjusted to a higher height and operate with or without the cargo lid or container. You can have more than one module to swap out for different uses at different times, too.

A man sitting biking a mini RV on an open street

The price is currently set at €10,800 excluding VAT (around $11,054.39 USD). With all these options, the price could add up, but we love the unique features. It even includes an optional bed, table and refrigerator inside, which could be used for camping or as a modular food truck.

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