It’s officially April now, so that means New York Design Week is right around the corner. The green design satellite show HauteGREEN debuted last year in Williamsburg, and wowed us with their fabulously curated exhibition of stylish sustainable design. This year, we are happy to announce that HauteGREEN is back and better than ever! HauteGREENIES Kimberly and Rebecca are currently planning this year’s lineup, and are accepting submissions for what is sure to be an even bigger and better show than last year….and that’s saying a lot.

HAUTE GREEN 2007: Now accepting submissions, Green Design, Eco Design, Sustainable design, gren furniture design

As regular readers may remember, last year’s HauteGREEN exhibition in Wiliamsburg was a smashing success. The show featured over 40 designers from all over the world, and showcased pieces such as the Perch! Plantorb, the Materious Bone Lamp, Inhabitat’s very own Emily Pilloton’s human nest and the Scrapile Table.

To be held from the 19th to the 22nd of May, HauteGREEN will exhibit sustainable and stylish pieces ranging from furniture to lighting and everything in between. This year’s HauteGREEN will be bigger, more well-attended and more publicized than last year, so it is sure to get a lot of good green attention. So, if you are a designer who is pushing forward in the field of sustainable furniture and wish to showcase your work at this event, head over to the website at:

Submission packages must be sent via email to [email protected] by April 16, 2007. You’re getting two weeks advance notice, so no excuses this time, get it?

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Pictures from last year’s HauteGREEN >

Jerry Kott Glass works, HauteGreen, Adapt Spring Chair, Sustainable Design, Eco Design, Green Furniture Design, Green Design

The show is curated by: Aric Chen, Graham Hill, and Kimberly Oliver, and organized by Kimberly, Bart Bettencourt, and Rebecca Silver. And if that is not enough, Jill mentioned that the party last year was awesome.